OptiPre Sporicidal Disinfectant - Kills Viruses and Bacteria (500ml/1000ml)
OptiPre Sporicidal Disinfectant - Kills Viruses and Bacteria (500ml/1000ml)
OptiPre Sporicidal Disinfectant - Kills Viruses and Bacteria (500ml/1000ml)
OptiPre Sporicidal Disinfectant - Kills Viruses and Bacteria (500ml/1000ml)
OptiPre Sporicidal Disinfectant - Kills Viruses and Bacteria (500ml/1000ml)
OptiPre Sporicidal Disinfectant - Kills Viruses and Bacteria (500ml/1000ml)
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OptiPre Sporicidal Disinfectant - Kills Viruses and Bacteria (500ml/1000ml)

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500ml Bottle
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Disinfectants are changing and we’re leading the charge. 

OptiPre Sporicidal Disinfectant isn’t like your ordinary household disinfectant, it uses chlorine dioxide (ClO2) to effectively clean, disinfect, and protect, in one action. It has been independently tested against the human strain of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), and not only did it kill the virus, it killed it in less than 30 seconds.

1. Clean - Effectively surface cleans a range of materials without causing damage or corrosion.

2. Disinfect – Kills bacteria, spores, fungi, parasites, and viruses, including COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in less than 2 minutes.

3. Protect – Prevent the growth of biofilm and other harmful microorganisms.


How do you use it?

Whether you’re looking to submerge/soak smaller items like keys, spray surfaces like countertops or doors handles, or mist/fog an entire room – OptiPre Sporicidal Disinfectant is up to the job.

Just leave it for 2 minutes, and simply wipe away. All that remains is a clean smell and your peace of mind.


What does it kill?

In addition to being in independently tested against the human strain of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), OptiPre Sporicidal Disinfectant also kills:

  • Viruses – Coronavirus, Poliovirus, Norovirus, Avian Influenza Virus.
  • Bacteria – E-coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, MRSA.
  • Spores – Clostridium difficile, Bacillus cereus.
  • Fungi – Mold, Candidiasis.
  • Parasites – Pinworms, Salmon Lice.
  • Biofilm


How environmentally friendly is it?

Unlike bleach and other cleaning solutions, OptiPre Sporicidal Disinfectant doesn’t leave behind chlorine-by products, which accumulate in nature and can be harmful to us and deadly to the environment. All components are biodegradable and do not accumulate in nature, leading the way towards a more environmentally friendly future for the industry.

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