Optimum Medical Solutions Ltd is committed to upholding ethical labour standards and local laws, in its own operations and those of its suppliers and contractors as part of its legal and moral obligations as a responsible supplier of healthcare products. These ethical standards reflect those outlined in the ETI Base Code and include:

1. Employment is freely chosen
2. Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining

3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic

4. Elimination of child labour

5. Remuneration

6. Non-excessive working hours

7. Freedom from discrimination

8. Provision of regular employment

9. No harsh or inhumane treatment

As part of our commitment to the LSAS system, Optimum Medical has a robust process in place to manage and prevent risks of modern slavery. Optimum Medical has identified the supply chain as the highest risk area to labour standards and modern slavery.

All new suppliers are risk assessed against strict criteria and the fundamental ILO Conventions: Freedom of association and protection of the right to organise convention, right to organise and collective bargaining convention, forced labour conventions, minimum age convention, equal remuneration convention, discrimination, health and safety and any relevant local and national laws. We require evidence from our suppliers to support their commitment to these criteria.

In addition, each country is profiled for labour standards and modern slavery risks. Specific risk areas are highlighted and considered in risk assessments as part of the supplier selection process. Existing suppliers are risk assessed on an annual basis and given a risk rating.

Supplier risk ratings are reviewed as part of the bi-annual Management Review and monitored as part of a company KPI to ensure the effectiveness of the steps being taken. Optimum Medical aim to have all suppliers below the ‘high risk’ category. Appropriate action is taken with any supplier in the ‘high risk’ category to ensure identified risks are reduced as far as possible.

As of the date of this policy, there are no suppliers scored within or above the ‘high-risk’ category.

Optimum Medical has also identified critical control points and high-risk areas within the business; this process is described in the internal procedure ‘WI 030 Labour Standards Assurance System’. When activities such as reduction in pricing, change of supplier, change of lead time, and labour risks identified from Business and Human Rights Resource Centre arise, the potential impact to labour risks are carefully considered and discussed with our suppliers. Appropriate action is taken to ensure we do not breach our commitment to prevent modern slavery.

This policy is trained out and signed by all Optimum Medical employees. It is also communicated down our supply chain and signed by our suppliers. Furthermore, the Procurement, Sourcing, and Quality teams have in-depth training in our LSAS system and to ensure risks are identified and reduced as far as possible.

There is an emergency response procedure in place should labour standards or modern slavery issues arise. To get in contact with Optimum Medical regarding any labour standard or anti-slavery issues please contact us at:

complaints@optimummedical.co.uk or phone +44 (0) 845 643 5479.

Further information on Optimum Medical’s Company Policies are available upon request.  This policy is reviewed every 6 months in line with the Management Review.