Why should I choose the Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip?

When choosing catheter fixation devices, it’s important to know what is available to you and the benefits of using each product. We’re confident you’ll love the Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip. Here is why…

A catheter clip is designed to fix and support your indwelling urethral or suprapubic catheter in a position to suit you, and by that we mean on your abdomen or thigh. By having your catheter effectively secured, this enables you to move freely and with total confidence.

Fixating your catheter is important because it reduces the risk of trauma and pain that would occur if your catheter pulled or tugged while inside your bladder, or by repeatedly rubbing from unnecessary movement of the catheter.

Why not try our unique Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip for yourself?

The Ugo Fix Gentle is different to other catheter clips as it benefits from a soft silicone gel pad. The use of soft silicone technology makes the Ugo Fix Gentle easy to fit and comfortable to wear. The silicone technology ensures a firm grip on the skin but also allows you to easily remove and reposition your catheter clip when needed. The silicone gel pad is gentle on your skin, making it suitable for reapplication over the same area of skin and requires no skin preparation before application.

The revolving clip allows for a small amount of movement of the catheter with your body, while keeping the catheter away from the skin to prevent trauma.

Watch our Ugo Fix Gentle user video here.


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