What’s the right size leg bag sleeve for me?

It’s important when choosing catheter and leg bag fixation devices that you select the right size for you. An incorrectly fitted item can cause rubbing or chafing, but even worse, it will not offer you the support that you need and could result in your leg bag slipping down your leg or your catheter becoming dislodged.

You can wear a leg bag sleeve on your thigh or calf. The position you choose to secure your catheter leg bag using your leg bag sleeve will depend on the length of your catheter and leg bag tubing, your leg bag volume and your level of mobility.

Ask your nurse or doctor if you are unsure what the best position is for you.

Using a measuring tape measure around your thigh or calf at the position you intend to wear your leg bag sleeve. Measure at the widest part of your thigh or calf, make a note of the measurement and select the Ugo Fix Sleeve that will fit you.

The Ugo Fix Sleeve is made from soft, durable elastane which will stretch but remain secure on your leg if you have selected the right size for you. It’s important that you measure your leg in the right place and choose the right size to ensure your leg bag sleeve can offer you the right support.

If you have any trouble picking the right size Ugo Fix Sleeve, please contact our customer support team on 0113 263 3849 and they will be happy to offer you some advice.


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