What is a catheter clip?

A catheter clip is a device which is designed to effectively secure indwelling urethral and suprapubic catheters. A catheter clip can be used to position your catheter that's attached to a leg bag or a catheter valve.

When choosing a catheter fixation device, it is important to remember that you can choose more than one product if this helps you to achieve maximum comfort and confidence. This is why Shop Optimum has a range of catheter and leg bag fixation devices which can be worn independently, as well as together. Browse our full range here.

The purpose of a catheter clip is to reduce pulling and tension on the catheter, as this can cause trauma to the urethra and bladder neck. The clip can be worn on the abdomen or thigh - wherever feels most comfortable for you!

The Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip is different from other catheter clips you may have seen. Not only does the Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip secure your catheter effectively, it features a rotating clip which allows your catheter to move in natural unison with your body for added comfort. The soft silicone gel pad is also revolutionary as it allows you to easily and gently remove the Ugo Fix Gentle and reposition in a more comfortable position if needed.


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