How to look after your catheter clip

Once you’ve applied your catheter clip in the perfect position, you’re going to want it to stay there for as long as possible. We recommend that the Ugo Fix Gentle can be used for up to 7 days, but this will only happen if you care for your Ugo Fix Gentle.

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1. Always wash and dry your hands before and after handling your catheter and leg bag tubing. If someone else is handling your catheter and leg bag tubing for you, they must wash and dry their hands and apply a clean pair of gloves on every occasion to avoid cross infection.

2. You don’t need to shave or carry out any complex skin preparation before applying your Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip. Other catheter clips may require complex skin preparation, but not ours!

3. Only apply the Ugo Fix Gentle to skin which is clean and dry with no wounds or sores. The silicone gel pad allows close inspection of the skin underneath the gel pad and can be removed and repositioned if required.

4. Do not disconnect your leg bag during fitting of your catheter clip. The Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip is designed specifically to allow fitting without disconnecting the system, reducing the risk of infection.

5. The Ugo Fix Gentle can be used for up to 7 days. We recommend that you change your Ugo Fix Gentle to suit your personal hygiene needs. Change it sooner if it becomes damaged or soiled.

6. The gentle re-adhesive gel pad is opaque. It is designed this way to allow you to check your skin. The skin can be seen under the gel pad; however, the gel pad can be peeled back for closer inspection and reapplied if all is clear.

7. It’s important that you do not allow your catheter or leg bag to hang down unsupported. The weight will cause discomfort and may cause trauma to your bladder or urethra. Always support the weight of your catheter and/or leg bag when fitting your catheter clip and choose fixation devices that give you support and comfort when moving around.

8. The Ugo Fix Gentle can be worn in the shower to support your catheter. Ensure the edges of the gel pad are all fully stuck down to your skin before showering to reduce the amount of water that gets under the gel pad and gently pat dry the Ugo Fix Gentle afterwards. Ensure the weight of your leg bag is continuously supported with additional fixation devices at all times.

9. You may want to reposition your catheter clip through the day and at bedtime. You can wear your Ugo Fix Gentle in bed and follow your usual overnight drainage regime as recommended by your nurse or doctor.

10. Always makes sure you have a spare, clean Ugo Fix Gentle on hand.

11. If you are in any discomfort or have any concerns that your catheter is not draining properly, contact your nurse or doctor immediately.


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