Here's how to use a catheter valve

It’s important that you speak with your doctor or nurse to ask how frequently you should be draining your bladder using your catheter valve. This is a very personal thing and will be down to such things as your bladder capacity, the volume of liquid you drink and the volume of urine you produce.

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Step 1: Wash and dry your hands.

Step 2: Hold the catheter valve over a toilet or a suitable receptacle (a receptacle only used for urine drainage – we are not promoting using anything you borrowed from the kitchen).

Step 3: Open the valve by pushing the lever tap fully into the downward position (away from your body). You may feel a slight tension in the lever, this is normal – it is the safety feature on the Ugo Catheter Valve working to prevent accidental opening.

Step 4: Allow the valve to drain the bladder completely. The flow may be slower than you expect, but this is due to the narrow tube and opening inside the catheter. Do not stop draining until you are sure your bladder is completely empty.

Step 5: Once you are confident your bladder is empty and the urine has stopped flowing for a few seconds, close the valve by lifting the lever fully into the upright position.

Step 6: Dry the end of the valve with a clean wipe if necessary.

Step 7: Wash and dry your hands. This is really important.


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