How to look after your leg bag sleeve

The Ugo Fix Sleeve is a washable and reusable item. It is supplied in boxes of 4 to fit with your daily wash/wear cycle. The sleeve will last longer if it is cared for properly. Here are some simple tips to follow when using the Ugo Fix Sleeve.

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1. Always wash and dry your hands before and after handling your catheter and/or leg bag tubing. If someone else is handling your catheter and leg bag tubing, they must wash and dry their hands and apply a clean pair of gloves on every occasion to avoid cross infection.

2. Do not disconnect your leg bag from your catheter during fitting of the Ugo Fix Sleeve. The sleeve is designed specifically to allow the leg bag to be fitted without disconnecting the system. Disconnecting the system unnecessarily increases your risk of introducing infection.

3. We recommend that you change your Ugo Fix Sleeve daily as part of your catheter hygiene regime. Only change sooner if it’s damaged or soiled. The Ugo Fix Sleeve is provided in a box of four to fit with your wash/wear cycle and each box includes a complimentary wash bag.

4. It’s important that you check your skin under the sleeve regularly and your sleeve is not too tight. The top and bottom bands of the Ugo Fix Sleeve are wider than standard to prevent digging into the skin and rolling. If you find the sleeve if leaving marks on your skin, consider moving up to the next size.

5. Always support the weight of your catheter leg bag when fitting your Ugo Fix Sleeve. It’s important that you do not let your leg bag hang down unsupported as this will cause discomfort and may cause injury to your bladder or urethra.

6. The Ugo Fix Sleeve is not waterproof. However, you can still bathe and shower when wearing it and simply replace the wet sleeve with a clean dry one afterwards.

7. We recommend that you wash the sleeve in the laundry bag provided or by hand. Replace your box of sleeves when the elasticity and support is reduced from washing and stretching.

8. We recommend that you remove the Ugo Fix Sleeve and any other fixation devices when going to bed and follow instructions provided by your nurse or doctor for overnight drainage.

9. Always makes sure you have a spare, clean Ugo Fix Sleeve.

10. If you are concerned that your catheter is not draining urine, or you are in discomfort then contact your nurse or doctor immediately.

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If you use a larger volume leg bag (750ml) or are physically active you may require additional fixation and support. All fixation devices in the Ugo Fix range compliment each other and can be worn to offer additional support. If you would like any advice on which fixation devices might be best for you, please contact our customer support team on 0113 263 3849.


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