How to wear your leg bag sleeve

The Ugo Fix Sleeve is designed to be easy to fit and comfortable to wear. Simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: You’re going to want to remove trousers before fitting the sleeve as you will need to easily access your leg and catheter leg bag. Pull the Ugo Fix Sleeve over your foot and position on your thigh or calf, depending on where you have measured your leg and choose to wear your leg bag sleeve. Every Ugo Fix Sleeve has a colour band. Ensure this band is at the top and facing outward, and that the sleeve pouch is facing forward. This is the little pocket on the sleeve where your leg bag will sit.

Step 2: Carefully slide your leg bag into the front pouch of the Ugo Fix Sleeve, through the opening at the top. There’s no need to disconnect your leg bag from your catheter when placing it into the sleeve, that’s why the pouch is conveniently on the outside of the sleeve, allowing you to easily slide the leg bag in.

Step 3: Push the drainage tap from your leg bag through the hole at the bottom of the sleeve. Adjust your leg bag sleeve to ensure your catheter is draining and you can comfortably move around without any tension in your catheter or the leg bag sleeve shifting.

With the leg bag positioned in the leg bag sleeve and the drainage tap pointing out through the hole in the bottom, you can empty your leg bag without removing it from the Ugo Fix Sleeve. The drainage tap should be accessible. All that’s left to do is put your clothing back on – then you’re good to go!


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