4 ways of managing your catheter accessories with Ugo 4 Weeks

We completely know what it’s like. You go to change your catheter bag, reach into the box and get that sinking feeling. There’s nothing left! You were positive you’d remember to get some more in time for your next catheter bag change, but life happened and it completely slipped your mind. 

This is where Ugo 4 Weeks can help. Read on to discover our 4 top tips on how Ugo 4 Weeks can help you manage your catheter accessories...

What is Ugo 4 Weeks?

Ugo 4 Weeks is a 4-week supply of catheter drainage and fixation products. It will revolutionise the way you order your catheter accessories!

What’s included in Ugo 4 Weeks?

Each box of Ugo 4 Weeks contains the following:

- 4 x fabric-backed Ugo Leg Bags (choice of long tube/short tube and lever tap/T tap)
- 28 x Ugo 10 2L Bags with single-use T tap
- 1 x Ugo Hanger
- 4 x pairs of Ugo Fix Leg Bag Straps
- 4 x Ugo Fix Gentle (catheter clips)
- Handy user guides

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Discover what Ugo 4 Weeks can do for you…

1) Makes it easy to know when to order more catheter supplies

Managing your supply of catheter drainage & fixation products can be challenging – particularly when different boxes contain quantities to last different lengths of time.

For example, most catheter leg bags come in a box of 10, designed to last for 10 weeks. However, some catheter securement devices come in smaller quantities, to be used over a shorter period of time.

Ugo 4 Weeks contains enough catheter accessories to last a 4-week period, so it’s easy to know when that next order needs to be placed. No more worrying about running out of products to accompany your urinary catheter!

2) Eco-friendly packaging of catheter accessories

Ugo 4 Weeks provides all your catheter drainage and fixation products, contained in ONE box! Yes, you read that correctly. Everything you need for 4 weeks - in a single box! This uses considerably less cardboard than purchasing all of your supplies in individual boxes, making it an environmentally-friendly alternative.

3) Discreet to store in your home

Ugo 4 Weeks features a compact design, making it ideal for storage in your home. This could be in the bedroom, the bathroom, inside your wardrobe…wherever you prefer! The discreet packaging also means it isn’t obvious from the outside what products are contained within.

Ugo next to toilet

4) Always giving you a choice of catheter accessories

Each box of Ugo 4 Weeks contains 4 x Ugo Fix Gentle (catheter clips) and 4 x pairs of Ugo Fix Leg Bag Straps. If you prefer using other products for catheter securement, such as catheter bag sleeves or catheter straps, these can be used as add-on products. Simply select the size best suited to you, and order it alongside your Ugo 4 Weeks box!


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