Our 2020 recap

2020 is slowly drawing to a close & what a strange year it’s been! Many things happened, and many things didn’t happen. Holidays, family get-togethers, and meet-ups with friends are amongst the things we didn’t have a lot of. Instead, most of our time was spent at home, in our gardens, or out on walks. All with members of our own household or support bubble, of course. What would we have said if anyone had told us that this is what our year would look like? We likely wouldn’t have believed it! We got challenged in ways we could have never imagined and, looking back, it might feel like it was a particularly bad year. But it wasn’t all bad!

We have bounced back from everything that was thrown in our way. We needed to reshape the way we live – from our private lives to our work lives. And we’ve mastered it all! We created new ways to stay in touch with friends and family, whether that was with a cup of coffee in our back gardens, on a socially distanced walk, or via Zoom. We have reinvented the way we work – from creating safe workplaces to working from home. We have shown solidarity, respect, and love for each other. We helped each other out, gave each other space, and showed our gratitude for all our heroes. We learned new skills, found new ways to entertain ourselves, and formed social bubbles. We developed a “new normal”. And, most importantly, we did it all together. We were all part of it, worldwide. It created a new sense of global community.

And that’s what we should all take away from this year. Let’s not dwell in the negatives of the past 12 months but look at the positives instead. Look at how a global crisis has brought us closer and look forward to the future!

THANK YOU for your support throughout the year. The Shop Optimum team wish you a Happy New Year!


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