How to support your catheter bag overnight

When you’re new to the catheter life, then there are many things you will likely still have to work out. This will likely range from how to change your leg bag, to keeping your catheter clean and also learning how to secure it in place. It’s also important to consider how you’ll be caring for your catheter bag overnight. But let’s take a look at the latter one.


It’s super important that you follow the instructions that were provided with your 2L overnight drainage bag. Each box of Ugo 2L Drainage Bags comes with a useful user guide, which can come in super handy between nurse visits. This contains instructions on how to safely attach, support, and remove your overnight bag. Your overnight bag can be attached to your catheter using a continuous drainage bag or setting up a link drainage connection. This means that the stepped connector of the 2L bag fits directly into the outlet of your catheter leg bag, and you won’t have to remove it. Whichever of the 2 drainage options you’re using, the next thing you’ll need to work out is how you’ll support your 2L overnight drainage bag as it fills up during the night. Properly supporting your overnight bag can reduce your risk of infection by making sure that the tap doesn’t touch the ground, and you can also sleep soundly knowing there’s little to no chance of pulling on your catheter.


The Ugo Stand with Dignity has been developed with total discretion in mind. It comes with a removable dignity cover, so whether you want to have your 2L overnight drainage bag visible or not is completely up to you. By using this stand, you’ll also completely minimise the chances of your catheter bag tap touching the floor. Why is this important? Well, when this happens, the tap becomes contaminated with bacteria on the floor which will automatically increase your chances of developing an infection. For that extra bit of convenience, our catheter night bag stand can be used freestanding or attached to the side of a wheelchair if you’re also using 2L drainage bags during the day.

All new things take a bit of getting used to, but we’re confident that you’ll come to love your Ugo Stand with Dignity in no time, and you can really rely on it for keeping your drainage bag well-supported. Unfortunately, nothing is forever, not even our catheter night bag stand. Over time, you’ll notice signs of wear and tear on your stand. That’s when you might want to consider to replace it to make sure it still does its job properly.


We’re all about giving you a choice, which is why we also have the Ugo Hanger in our product range. Small but mighty, it can support the weight of your 2L drainage bag throughout the whole night. The Ugo Hanger comes with a groove which helps to keep your catheter bag tubing perfectly in place while you rest. Made from the same material as the Ugo Stand with Dignity, it’s super easy to keep clean.



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