We're starting #ConversationsAboutContinence

Continence is a topic which generally isn’t discussed openly, and this creates a taboo around the subject. This is a real shame, when we consider that bladder problems affect more than 200 million people worldwide, and 90,000 people in the UK live with an indwelling urinary catheter.

By talking more openly about continence, we hope to normalise the subject, with the hopes of making it easier for those struggling with incontinence to reach out and ask for help.

Living with a catheter

The video below shows 4 individuals starting their #ConversationsAboutContinence:

- Stella is a carer for her husband Keith, who lives with a long-term urinary catheter
- Paul is finding his ‘new norm’ after a diagnosis of prostate cancer
- Evie doesn’t let her catheter hold her back from competing as a para showjumper

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